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Welcome to BEARLOVERS.com
Boyds Bears are the Best Bears to Love!

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Some of our favorite sites!

Jojo's Purrs-n-Paws
Will and Jayme's favorite
pet sitter! What a great person
Joanne is!!

Best Friends Doggie
Day Spa


In Memory of Pets..
a touching tribute to our pets &
friends who have passed on.

Personalized caricatures with heart! We just love this site & you will too!

Our best friends.. we miss them...

Josephine O'Hanlon Fields

Peggy Novitski
Rest In Peace Mom.. we love you

Rest In Peace Dear Bob...
Sept. 17, 1948 - May 17, 2003
We will always miss you..

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Hi! I'm Will - Come Visit me

The Lady Coco Chanel Fields
 Come visit me!

Rest In Peace Coco
May 3, 1999 - May 15, 2011

Jayme P - our newest baby..
Born Sept. 29, 2001

In Memoriam Maggie

April 14, 1999 - we loved her...
candle.gif (2717 bytes)   If you have ever lost a pet..
         Pet Loss - The Rainbow Bridge

     Come Visit Maggie's Page

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Please support 
English Springer Rescue America
 or your local animal shelter!


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Pet Loss.Com  
  If you've ever lost a pet, 
this is the site to visit

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